Alumni Spotlight: Clinician, Educator & Advocate

Since completing fellowship training at Kaiser in 2001, Haideh Plock has become a leader in many areas of the PT profession including clinical practice, education, and professional advocacy.

Most recently, Haideh was the clinical director of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation for 10 years and an instructor for the KP Nor Cal OMPT Fellowship. In addition to treating clients and teaching, Haideh has served in various leadership roles for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT). She served as AAOMPT vice president from 2012 to 2016 and is now running for AAOMPT president.

Q: How did fellowship training shape or alter your career path?
A: Fellowship training changed my belief of what I thought I could do and achieve. It instilled confidence and enhanced my ability to effectively communicate with patients, colleagues, and the public.

Q: Is there a lesson you learned during fellowship training that influences you on a daily basis?
A: Yes! Through this program, I learned the art of listening!

Q: Is there a project or accomplishment that you consider the most significant in your career?
A: Writing chapters in Rehabilitation for the Post-Surgical Orthopedic Patient and developing MedBridge online courses because it pushed me outside my comfort zone.

Q: What role do you hope AAOMPT can play in shaping the PT field?
A: AAOMPT can help to shape the PT field by facilitating the growth of current residency and fellowship programs and encouraging the addition of new residency and fellowship programs.

Q:  What advice would you give to new physical therapists and students about to embark on their careers?
A: Surround yourself with experienced physical therapists who are involved in the profession. They have access to opportunities that you may not even know exist. That may mean sacrificing financially initially, but the long-term rewards are worth it.