Each question should be answered on a separate sheet as they will be evaluated separately. Identify the number of the question you are answering at the top of the page.

  1. Past Professional Experiences and Personal Goals
    Why you are seeking a mentoring experience at this point in your career.
    What you would like to achieve from the mentorship experience. (No longer than one page single spaced).

  3. Commitment
    What personal qualities and/or professional experiences demonstrate your commitment to learning. Include strengths and weaknesses that would affect your professional development in this program. (No longer than one page single spaced.)

Applicants To The Advanced Fellowship Program

Applicants to the Fellowship program should complete Questions #1 and #2 above and the following question (No more than one page single spaced).

3.  Professional Goals
Assume that you have been accepted into this program and have completed it! Look ahead five years. What are you doing in PT practice? What long term personal and professional goals have you achieved? How has fellowship education affected your practice?