Imagine, Discover and Grow at CSM 2017

The KP Nor Cal Graduate PT Education crew spent the last week at the American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sections Meeting (CSM 2017) with over 11,000 of the brightest and most innovative professionals for the biggest PT conference in the country. Program Director Dr. Eric Robertson presented along with KP Rehab Services colleagues on “Innovations in Health Reform: Practice Redesign in a Health System” and hosted a reception celebrating five students who were able to attend the conference thanks to Conference Scholarships for PT Students. The popular podcast PT Pintcast also interviewed Dr. Robertson and Oakland Rehab Director Nicholas Ferlatte during the event, so keep an eye out for the podcast!

The KP Nor Cal Rehab Services Department design team shared their experience with redesigning the way its department functions to better serve patients in the face of increased demand. The panelists described the challenges and progress of the redesign, including how a patient-centered focus and a commitment to evidence-based practice drove decisions on a mission to deliver high-quality health care and sustainability in practice. They offered insights in how a large system can address the needs of many stakeholders, as it addresses operational needs, evidence-based care pathways, and quality assessment. The panelists also discussed practice innovations, including technology in physical therapy practice, quality and outcomes assessment, impact on operations, and the development of standardized evidence-based care pathways.