Integrating Directional Preference and Centralization Concepts for the Lumbar Spine into the Australian Management Paradigm





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Kaiser Permanente Northern California Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Fellowship

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Chris Chase, MPT, Dip MDT, FAAOMPT

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Physical therapists

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Course Description:
The identification of directional preference and centralization phenomena by Robin McKenzie in the 1950’s and its ongoing development since then has significantly influenced clinician management of mechanical musculoskeletal problems in all areas of the spine and the extremities. This course will help clinicians understand how the McKenzie system of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) can complement the Australian approach to managing patients with cervical spine conditions.

The McKenzie system of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) is a vibrant sequence of questioning in the history to uncover loading issues. The clinician implements a variable trial of loading strategies coupled with careful questioning regarding symptom response to uncover the treatment principles needed for effective management.  There have been many advances in the MDT system since the first courses were taught in the US in 1977.  Many new loading strategies have evolved to help patients self treat and resolve symptoms. In these days of cost containment and financial limitations on clinical visits, self-treatment becomes crucial to effective and efficient patient management.

The Australian treatment paradigm currently incorporates concepts related to directional preference and centralization.  This course will expand the therapist’s understanding of cues provided in the history that indicate the likely presence of derangement. We will discuss and demonstrate examination procedures to confirm this sub-classification and proceed with demonstration via case studies and lab practice to identify reductive management strategies that can be created by patient self-movement, mobilization, and manipulation.   We will explore how to identify different sagittal, lateral and combined loading strategies (patient and therapist generated) to reduce derangements in the lumbar spine.  Discussion and practice of both patient and therapist generated procedures will be included.  Special focus will be on managing cases that do not respond to sagittal plane exercises and how to incorporate lateral procedures into your treatments.

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December 5, 2015 (Saturday)

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Kaiser Permanente Oakland Rehab
3701 Broadway, 3rd Floor
Oakland, CA


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