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An Interview with Brad MacDougall – NAIOMT’s “In It Together” Blog Post

Our faculty member/instructor, Brad MacDougall, was recently interviewed for NAIOMT’s “In It Together” blog piece,…

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A Podcast with Joe Farrell on www.themovementbrainery.com

Our faculty member/instructor, Joe Farrell, was recently interviewed by Dr. Seth Peterson, DPT for his…

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“Postprofessional Cartography in Physical Therapy: Charting a Pathway for Residency and Fellowship Training”

In response to new research investigating the impact of physical therapy residency and fellowship training on patient outcomes, Program Director Dr. Eric Robertson challenges the industry to make changes in an invited commentary for JOSPT.

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“The Future of Physical Therapy: Survive, Flourish and Contribute”

In today’s complex and ever-changing health care environment, physical therapists run the risk of being left behind if we don’t diligently work to strengthen our professional behaviors and communications skills.

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“Exploring Residencies and Fellowships: Excelling as a Physical Therapist in the 21st Century”

Due to the current economic climate, many physical therapy graduates and practitioners are considering options for continuing their education but don’t know where to start their research or planning.

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“Exploring Residencies and Fellowships – Worksheet”

A companion piece to “Exploring Residencies and Fellowships: Excelling as a Physical Therapist in the 21st Center,” this worksheet makes it easy to evaluate and compare residency and fellowship programs.

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U.S. News & World Report Names Physical Therapist Top Health Care Career

The future looks bright for physical therapists. Thanks in part to an aging population, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 36 percent growth in this field through 2022.

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