Welcome to Our New Residents

Please join us in welcoming our new cohort of residents to the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Graduate Physical Therapy Education Program!

We recently celebrated with a program kick-off event, where faculty and alumni welcomed new program participants to our supportive and extensive learning community. Our 16 residents practice at our various training locations throughout Northern California.

Residency Cohort:

  • Marlowe Banatoa – KP Union City
  • Loretta Barry – KP Oakland
  • Katie Deamer – KP Stockton
  • Jessica Gadayan – KP Oakland
  • Amie Gahan – KP Oakland
  • Nicole Garlit – KP SF Mission Bay
  • Heather Hutchinson – KP Oakland
  • Erica Jennison – KP Santa Rosa
  • Rachael Lewin – KP San Jose
  • Christine Magdalin – KP SF Mission Bay
  • Liegh Ann Quill – KP Santa Clara
  • Natalie Russell – KP Oakland
  • Gabriella Sanchez – KP South San Francisco
  • Jordan Shilling – KP Union City
  • Stephanie Yano – KP Santa Clara
  • Brigid Walsh – KP San Jose